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Marici M Corneli

The Story

The book “I want to tell you” was launched in 2019 at the UPPERcase bookshop in Menlyn Maine by the director of Family Assist,
Marici M Corneli.

The book is a wonderful tool for couples and children caught in the animosity that goes hand-in-hand with divorce.

Looking at South African divorce statistics seven of every ten children in a school classroom are from a divorce-household. As divorce is still a subject that many people avoid, parents in divorce will find this book very helpful.

Marici says, “Let me tell you a story…about a boy and girl who grew up, got married and divorced and how the kids got stretched by their decisions. Grown-ups need to understand that they have to involve the children in decisions that concern them, by telling them. We all have stories and listen to stories and in my story, hope was birthed through a book called “I want to tell you.”

We read the story of Austin and Aidah and their parents, Justin and Julia, in a colorful comic style way. While you love the pictures you excitedly turn the page to see how it all unfolds.

You learn how to tell and what to tell… The book helps to build confidence as a maybe soon to be divorced or as “I know someone who needs to read this”.

Children think, “I get two of everything… parents think, “I feel so guilty”, but maybe this can help.

In an interview with Adv Chris Maree, he asked some questions:

  • Looking at this wonderful little book, I can just imagine how much work went into it.
  • How long have you been working on this book?
  • What made you decide to write the book?
  • What age group of children may find this book helpful or/is it aimed at?

In her reply Marici mentioned, “The book started a year ago and kept me busy through the Covid-19 period. I decided to write the book to help children and parents in divorce.


Children that can read will enjoy the book, but mediators, ‘voice of the child’ practitioners, teachers, social workers, and psychologists can use it as a tool to explain the outcome of divorce to children who cannot read. And the book becomes a tool to communicate with yourself and others.

Book Launch in 2020

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