Marici M Corneli

A True Inspiration

Marici M Corneli Jacobsz is the founder of Mediationworx and passionate about teamwork and the best interest of the child.

Mediationworx conducts their mediations according to the unique Family Assist Child Focused Collaborative Assistance TM process that involves the full scope of assistance to families in times of transition or restructuring including but not limited to mediators, parent coordinators, life coaches, counsellors, social workers, co-parenting facilitators and other mental health professionals.

Marici M Corneli Jacobsz holds a Bluris UP Law degree from the University of Pretoria and BMin Honours Degree from Impact University (Baton Rouge USA).

Marici is a skilled commercial/financial mediator with a background of finance in a previous practice for many years.

In the last few years, her passion for Family Matters and family law changed her focus to the “best interest of the child”.

She has written several articles in the 2018/2019 DE Rebus editions; and is a speaker, trainer, and mentor to many students in the Mediation Industry.

She wrote and published the book called” I want to tell you” For children in divorce.

Marici’s Roles and Accreditations:

  • Court annexed appointed Mediator since 2019

  • Certified International Mediator registered on the International ADR Register

  • Previously fulfilling the role and duties of the PTA East Regional representative of SAAM (2017-2018)

  • MD of Family Assist Network

  • Affiliated with various fields of divorce care, support groups, care center’s, and mediation networking through “Family Assist Network” and “Do Divorce a Different Way”

Marici journeys alongside many people in Mediation; always with a mission and vision of generating ethical, confident, skilled and experienced mediators to assist families in need and motivating these individuals to become exceptional mediators.

She has written and implemented a Co-Parenting course.

She helped Family Assist to record and distribute a DVD on Parental Alienation.

She was invited as a speaker at the 22nd Annual Muller Du Toit Family Law conference 2019 on the topic – Compiling a Parenting Plan including “Voice of the Child.”

She is an architect and leader of change in the field of Mediation.

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